German Shepherds get their due.. great photographs show these dogs in hilarious photos!

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 5.24.42 PMWe stumbled across this WEBSITE by Photographer Tanja Brandt -(Google translated) that just has great images of the photographers 2 German Shepard’s – Ingo and Else – in hilarious¬† poses.

Some of them are out and out action images. .others. .well, the one with the owl is quite unique.¬† From the photographer herself: ”

My big passion since I can crawl in diapers, are dogs.

Animals in general – especially birds of prey and predator cats – and dogs in particular.

I think I speak their language.

A life without dogs is hard to imagine for me and if someone does not like dogs, then he will probably not stay with me for a long time.

We agree.. check out the link below or click on the image.