CIncredibly Playful & Expressive Portraits Of Dogs- dog photos we just love!

Boston-based dog photographer Kaylee Greer takes incredibly playful and expressive portraits of dogs of all breeds and sizes.

She runs Dog Breath Photography, a studio dedicated to creative photo shoots of dogs.

The 28-year-old said she discovered her love of pet photography in college, and being able to combine her passion for photography and dogs was a dream come true.

“I found my love for pet photography in college and just knew that there was no other way of life for me… To combine animals and art—the two things I love most in this world—became my wildest dream. And then, just a small handful of years later, after endless hours of devotion, hard work and a stubborn inability to ever give up—that dream became a reality,” she said in an interview with Bored Panda.

Greer’s love for man’s best friend is apparent; she owns a three-year-old rescued pit bull named Joshua, and has nothing but effusive praise for her canine subjects.

“I find my most powerful source of inspiration inside of the dogs themselves. The canine spirit is like no other thing I’ve ever experienced on this planet. The joy, whimsy and essence of life that pours out of the heart of a happy dog never ceases to amaze me.”

Check out some of her work  and view more at her website and Facebook page.