About Us..

Best Pet Products Inc is one of the more innovative pet supply and development companies in the industry. We have over 15 years of retail experience and 25 years of design development working in the pet supply and toy business. We supply some of the major retailers around the world with many products under various brands and labels. We have some of the LOWEST prices on the NEWEST styles and products. Here at BPPI we feel you shouldn’t have to pay a lot to get a lot!

Our attention to detail from concept through to delivery has propelled us to deliver what customers want and retailers need.

Best Pet Products Inc. is part a creative endeavor and a way to market what our innovative staff creates. Creativity and the joy we have as pet owners makes our job fun and it shows with our pet toy and accessory lines.

If you have a pet product and need to get it to a wider audience or need it prepared for retail we can help. Our Idea Forum gives small start-up companies or individuals the opportunity to profit from their ideas and solutions.

If you have something that you just KNOW pet owners want and need – contact us for more information and let’s get started!

We offer pet toys and accessories that are meant to last and look good over time. Our designers create a wide variety of pet toys and pet accessories from puppies to older dogs:

Chew toys, cat beds, dog beds, cat scratchers, bling dog collars and leashes, hollywood dog and cat collars, feeding bowls, dog training toys, plush toys, doggy fashion, cat toys, pet beds , cat trees and lots of throw toys!

Contact us for general information about Best Pet Products and be on the distribution list for special packages and offers only through BPPI